Fabrics by Stephanie LLC Inspiring Hand Dyed Needlework Fabric. **NOTICE: Fabrics may take up to 5 weeks to ship**

When you order from a sale your delivery is dependent on the volume of sales. 

I do my best to get orders out in a timely manner. Please keep in mind if you are ordering for my Black Friday Sale there is Christmas and New Years that will effect your delivery. I also have my 8year old daughter home with me on Christmas Vacation.

I can not give an exact delivery date as I do not know, I do work 7 days a week. Please do not Email me every week asking about your order. An Email will be sent when your order ships. 

This is a MADE TO ORDER shop, I am the only one who dyes the fabric. 

***UPDATE** 12/10/2017

Black Friday Sale fabrics are starting to be dyed, I have caught a lovely head cold so I’m trying to work through the sinus fog. More updates as orders progress. 

**UPDATE** 12/24/2017

Merry Christmas! I am not answering Emails or phone calls from December 21 through January 3rd. I am spending time with my family. I am still working. I and dyeing and shipping orders through the holidays. I am 1/2 way through the sale orders. 

**UPDATE** 2-2-2018

I am dyeing the last 20 orders