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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.How do you determine shipping cost?

  •  I do not set the shipping price, it is set through the USPS. When placing an order and choosing shipping the following will apply - ALL Packages come with tracking - If the package shows it was delivered, I am not responsible for replacing the package.

2. How long will my order take to ship?

  • Orders take 3 to 4 weeks to ship. Please remember your fabric is custom dyed. I do not have it ready to ship when your order is placed. 

3. How do you dye fabric orders? 

  • Fabrics are dyed in the order they are placed on the website. They are grouped and dyed in bunches to minimize waste. Large orders with smaller cuts (13x18) may take longer due to color grouping, 

4. How do I know when my package is shipped?

  • You will get an Email when your order has shipped.

5. What are your work hours?

  • You may place an order at any time. I work Monday through Friday 8am until 5PM and weekends.

6. Where are you located?

  • I am located in Whitmore Lake, Michigan

7. What is a good time to call you if need be?

  • My time zone is Eastern, Please keep this in mind when you call. I will not take calls after 5:00 EST or on Sundays. Please leave me a message, I will get back to you.

8. When can I join Fabric of the Month?

  • When members leave FoTM I fill those spaces from the waiting list. It takes as long as it takes.

9. How do I place a wholesale order? 

  • My website is set up for retail - if you would like to place a wholesale order please Email Me at wholesalehdfs@gmail.com

10. Do you surge your edges?

  • Yes, my fabrics are surged.

11. Are your fabrics colorfast?

  • My Fabrics are NOT colorfast. You may get some color wash, lighter colors may be "safe" to wash then the darker colors. Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie is NOT responsible for any damage that may occur to your projects due to washing. 

12. Do your fabrics shrink?

  • Yes, My fabrics do shrink. I live in Michigan so line drying is not an option. Also, the volume of fabric I dye requires me to put them in the dryer. Please remember that while your fabric size may be 17 inches wide and 26 inches long, the fabric was cut to the 18x26 so it is still the same size and has the same amount of stiches. Basically, a yard is still a yard.

13. Do you use scented detergent?

  • I use unscented detergent to wash all my fabrics. 

14. Why am I paying you now for a product that needs to be dyed and takes up to 4 weeks? 

  • GoDaddy is my website host, I do not have control over charges.

15. Why does my fabric not look like the picture on the website?

  • Please keep in mind, the scans of fabric colors are just guidelines. They are not exact. Every monitor is different. There are other factors to consider such as fabric type and size. 
  • Possible copyrighted names/places  - Some fabric names are used as inspiration for the fabric colors and are not owned by myself, they belong to the franchise/character in which they represent. None of my fabrics belong to or are affiliated with any of the fandoms, franchises, or characters for which it is inspired from.
  • Returns - I do not refund orders, your fabrics are custom dyed. I will do exchanges when the following apply - 

  1. I made a mistake (hey it happens!)
  2. There is a flaw in the fabric or the dye. 

All exchanges must arrive to me before I send the replacement out. There can not be any smoke damage, pet hair or cut fabrics. Once I determine that the fabric is exchangeable I will dye the new cut.